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Join our Discord server to discuss all things Kirby! We welcome all Kirby fans to hang out, meet new people, and bond over a mutual love of the series.

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About the Staff


Eliza is Kirby Informer's founder and journalist. She has been a fan of Kirby since the original Smash Bros. days, and her love for Kirby has continued to grow; hence wanting to update other fans from around the world with content and more.

Favorite Kirby games: Epic Yarn, Triple Deluxe, Canvas Curse


Kirby Informer's designer and journalist. Tor has been a Kirby fan for most of his life, starting out with Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble for the Game Boy Color. An art college graduate, he currently freelances with his greatly-Kirby-influenced art style.

Favorite Kirby games: Adventure, Dream Land 3, Return to Dream Land

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