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Kirby's Dream Course

JP: September 21, 1994

NA: February 1, 1995

PAL: August 24, 1995


A night sky without any twinkling stars has put all the residents of Dream Land in a state of turmoil! Days and nights have come and gone with no clues as to what happened to them, but suddenly Kirby spots King Dedede flying back to his castle, dragging the few remaining stars behind him! Kirby gives chase as a new adventure starts to unfold.

Kirby's 16-bit debut was a unique golf-like spin-off. Like in actual golf, the object of each course is to sink Kirby into the hole in as few shots as possible, but the hole won't appear until all enemies are defeated. The game boasts an intricate physics engine, Copy Abilities, and a 2-player competition mode, making for some great, bouncy fun in Dream Land.

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