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The gluttonous King Dedede has stolen all of the food from the inhabitants of Dream Land as well as the Sparkling Stars needed to obtain more food! Kirby, a young resident of Dream Land, volunteers to retrieve the food and stars, and stop Dedede.

JP: April 27, 1992

NA: August 1, 1992

PAL: August 3, 1992

First Released

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Kirby's first game lays the foundation for the series as a whole; inhaling enemies and spitting them out as projectiles while traversing through the wondrous Dream Land. It's a short and sweet title with five levels, each depicting a new part of Dream Land and its unique inhabitants. The game was designed so that anyone who plays can see the ending, in lieu of the many difficult games out there at the time. Advanced players aren't without a challenge, though, as the option of a much harder Extra Game mode is available too.

Kirby's Dream Land

Title screen
Green Greens
Green Greens
Whispy Woods
Float Islands
Bubbly Clouds
King Dedede



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