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SNES Classic Edition Announced; Kirby Super Star and Kirby's Dream Course Included

Kirby Super Star and Kirby's Dream Course will be getting a rerelease on the newly announced SNES Classic Edition!

Both Kirby games feature 2-player simultaneous play, and the package accommodates that well with the inclusion of two controllers! It would have made me super happy to see Kirby's Dream Land 3 included as well (as that's a favorite of mine and often overlooked), but alas, compromises were made and it's still a great general package regardless. Interestingly enough, Kirby's Dream Course isn't included in the Japanese version, the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom. Overseas Kirby fans are lucky to get two games at all!

The successor to last year's NES Classic Edition was announced out of the blue earlier today and includes 21 Super Nintendo games altogether. It's set to release on September 29th! How many of you are picking it up?

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