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[Site Update] The Fan Works Page is Now Up! +Fan Art Competitions

The Fan Works page on Kirby Informer is now live! To kick it off, there's currently a full gallery of 25th anniversary-themed artwork by some amazing artists. Be sure to check it out! It looks so cheerful!

Fan Works is also the home of new monthly fan art competitions. On the 15th of each month, we will provide a new theme for artists to follow for a chance to be featured on the page! Eliza and I will decide a winner and a few runner-ups at the end of each submission period.

If you're interested in participating, head over to the Fan Works page (have I linked that enough times yet?) and read the guidelines at the bottom! This month's theme is "Autumn" in preparation for the new season.

We hope to see some amazing artists join the fun with this new part of the site! Can you get enough of Kirby artwork? I know we sure can't.

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