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Nintendo Direct Slated for Tomorrow

A new Nintendo Direct is upon us! Nintendo tweeted the announcement yesterday:

As the announcement says it will be covering Switch and 3DS titles releasing over the next few months, it's highly likely that we'll be seeing some Kirby during the event! A new multiplayer action Kirby game was announced during the Nintendo Direct back in April, stating that it will be released during the holiday season. Since then, we haven't heard much (anything, really) about it, so considering how close we're approaching the holidays, it's a safe bet to say that it will be revealed in full here.

As for Kirby for Nintendo Switch, anything is possible, but being a 2018 title, we wouldn't be surprised if it skipped the event this time. We're prepared to be surprised, though!

We'll round up all the potential news here on the site tomorrow after the event. If you want to watch it live, here is a list of times by time zone for your convenience!

  • 3 pm PT

  • 6 pm ET

  • 11 pm UK

  • 12 am (Sep 14) Europe

  • 8 am (Sep 14) AEST

You can view the live stream on Nintendo's website, or their YouTube or Twitch pages.

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