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Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra DVD/Blu-ray + CD announced!

On the official Kirby website, the Kirby 25th Anniversary Orchestra DVD/Blu-ray + CD bundles have been announced, and let's be honest, it looks stunning. The bundles officially release in December, and sadly, the website does not ship outside of Japan. If we find a link with shipping internationally, we will update here and post it on our Twitter account!

The 3 bundles range form different prices:

  • CD Bundle: 3,456 Yen, $39.32 AUD, $30.81 USD

  • DVD + CD Bundle: 7,560 Yen, $86.02 AUD, $67.40 USD

  • Blu-ray + CD Bundle: 8,640 Yen, $98.30 AUD, $77.03 USD

You can check out the bundle pictures below!

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