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Celebrate Valentine's Day with Kirby-Themed Cards!

Nintendo's gearing up for Valentine's Day with a heap of cute activities on their Play Nintendo site! What's more perfect than some valentines based on Kirby: Star Allies, a game centered around hearts and friendship?


Let's be honest, Macho Dedede did sweal your heart just now.


Head on over here to download these cards if you'd like to print them out yourself!

There's also a quiz you can take to see which Nintendo character would most likely be your valentine this year. If you're lucky, your result might be Kirby! Just don't let him take all the chocolate for himself.

How's your Valentine's Day going to be spent? With a significant other? Alone in the dark like any other day? We at Kirby Informer have plenty of love to share with you regardless, so best wishes to you all~ <3

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