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[SPOILERS] Loads of New Star Allies Info Revealed by Famitsu Ahead of Time!

The Japanese publication Famitsu has revealed a little teaser of what to expect from their coverage on Kirby: Star Allies next month!

Below is the two-page preview, but view at your own risk! Some might consider this stuff as massive spoilers for the time being.


Holy rainbows! That's a lot of meat in just two pages! Most of the text is too blurry to read, but we'll try and decipher what we can!


Two new Copy Abilities, one returning one, and another boss have been revealed! Let's go through them one by one.

  • The iconic Cook ability returns for the first time since 2008, looking extra spicy based on the screenshots attached!

  • A new ability, Festival, makes its debut with a very Brazillian Carnival vibe! This one has me excited, as it looks like there's a light show going on in one of its screenshots!

  • Another new ability, dubbed Stick in Japanese, will also be introduced! This one sorta reminds me of Baton from the anime. The word "stick" is typically a less general term in Japanese so I think it's likely the name will change in localization. Perhaps "Staff" or "Baton?"

  • Finally, Pon & Con have returned from Kirby's Dream Land 3 and the anime as a new boss duo! The tanooki and fox are back with spiffy headgear and armor. Looks like their battle will play out similarly to the one from the SNES game!

We also get a better look at the Plasma ability. Based on the screenshots, it sorta looks like it can pull off some new tricks with the Plasma Wave. Some cute stylized illustrations depicting Helpers and Friend Abilities are shown, perhaps as a tutorial of some sort, but we're really curious as to what that big, imposing structure is next to Pon & Con. We'll have to wait and see!

It's safe to expect even more news from Famitsu within the next month or so, as this is just one two-page spread of March's issue! With the amount of reveals going on, it also makes me believe we'll be seeing another Nintendo Direct involving Kirby sometime before the game's launch. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we'll definitely keep you updated for when anything happens!

Kirby: Star Allies releases worldwide in just over a month, on March 16! How excited are you now that this news has dropped?

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