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Kirby: Star Allies Official Japanese Site is Live! Tons of Goodies!

The official Japanese website for Kirby: Star Allies is now live and viewable to all! It covers the basics of the game and what it's all about, including some new reveals.

If you're still trying to keep the game as spoiler-free as possible, you may not want to dive into it just yet! But for those who want as much info in their heads as possible, here's a brief overview of some of the new stuff:

  • Two new Copy Abilities: Stick and Festival! We went over these in a previous news post, but it seems like Stick is comparable to the Spear ability, only with some fancy new pole-vaulting tricks. Festival looks like a one-time use ability, however, possibly boosting the attack radius based on how many Helpers you have on your side. The Kirby Dance has never been more deadly!

  • The Cook ability also makes a return! You can boil up some enemies as you always used to, but this time Chef Kawasaki himself can be friended and turned into a Helper!

  • Francisca, a previously revealed boss, seems to have two other sisters! Who are they working for, and what could they be up to?

  • Two subgames have been revealed! One is a race to see who can lumberjack their tree the fastest, and the other is a Megaton Punch-styled baseball derby in which the farthest meteor homerun wins! This one has a nifty new remix of Nebula Belt from Kirby Air Ride, too!

  • amiibo support was given a vague rundown. Touching any of the Kirby series amiibo will grant you items or other treasures!

That seems to cover all the major new reveals so far! It's also worth noting that there's one more page coming soon, though, so the news won't be stopping from now until release! It's also very likely that the English versions of the site will soon follow, and we'll definitely be sure to post that when it's up.

Oh, and in case you missed it at the top, a very stylish intro movie has been posted as well! This game keeps getting cuter and cuter, I say. But if you're hungry for more gameplay footage, you're in luck! The latest episode of the Japanese YouTube series NyaNyaNya Neko Mario Time has a segment all about Star Allies! Take a look at it below!

Kirby: Star Allies releases worldwide on March 16! All aboard the hype Friend Train!

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