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Kirby 25th Anniversary Twitter account and website is now the Kirby Portal!

The official Kirby 25th Anniversary Twitter account is now just the official Kirby Twitter account! Throughout 2017, news and updates about Kirby's 25th anniversary have been posted on a dedicated Twitter account. As more general Kirby news began to surface on the account, and well into 2018, many have been wondering if the website and Twitter would receive a rebranding without the 25th anniversary moniker. Today officially marks Kirby's 26th anniversary, so that rebranding just happened!

The Twitter handle is now simply @Kirby_JP, with the website now being Direct-from-the-source Kirby news, character bios, merchandise, etc. are all hosted there (kinda sounds familiar, don't you think?)! However, unlike its 25th anniversary counterpart, the website seems like it's gonna get a new music page soon.

With the introduction to this new branding, is it possible we might see versions for oversea regions as well? I guess only time will tell! Happy anniversary, Kirby! Enjoy your new web portal!

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