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New Kirby merchandise revealed!

Even though Kirby's 25th Anniversary is long gone, brand new merchandise is still being announced and we're honestly so excited. Our hearts couldn't take it when we saw the new plushies and other goodies and we're so pleased to share that our friends at Aitai☆Kuji were able to stock a few of them!

The new items include:

  • Kirby Game Prize Marshmallow Vol. 2 Big Plush

  • Kirby Game Prize Plush Mascot Vol. 2

  • Kirby Game Prize Pinched Soft Mochi Plush Mascot

  • Kirby Game Prize Mini Plush Mascot Keychains

  • Kirby Pupupu Train Collab Squishy Kirby Ball

  • Kirby Pupupu Train Collab Macaron Squishy Keychain

  • Kirby Pupupu Train Collab Toast Squishy Keychain

  • Kirby Face NUU Small Pouch

  • Kirby iPhone Cable Biting Phone Plug

  • Kirby 25th Anniversary Pupupu Memories Box

If you'd like to purchase any of the items above, you can click here, or the header image at the top of the post!

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