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San-Ei making official plushies of Rick, Coo, and Kine!

Japanese stuffed toy company San-Ei will be releasing a trio of new Kirby-related plushies in the form of Rick, Coo, and Kine! These were shown off at the 2018 Tokyo Toy Show and will be released this September for 1500 yen each, or roughly $15 USD.

San-Ei have made many other Kirby character plushies in the past, most recently being Susie, Taranza, and Scarfy. After over 20 years of being part of the Kirby cast, it's about time the animal friends got the chance to be in plush form!

Be sure to check back for whenever these guys become available online, as we'll definitely provide links.

Thanks to @DaPatMac for the info!

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