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Ichiban Kuji Fuwafuwa Japanese Style Collection announced!

Ichiban Kuji announced another amazing Kirby collection called the "Fuwafuwa Japanese Style Collection" and it honestly looks adorable!

Our friends at Aitai☆Kuji have uploaded the collection on their site! You can buy tickets so you have a chance of getting the items randomly, or you can spend the extra money and get the items you want specifically. Either way, the items are super cute and I'm totally in love with this collection!

The items include:

  • 2 LARGE Plushies.

  • 1 Drink Bottle.

  • 1 Small Table.

  • 4 Plates.

  • 4 Glasses.

  • 5 Keychains.

  • 3 Hand Towels.

  • 2 Long Towels.

Click on the image above or the link HERE to be redirected to order the items.

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