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Kirby & ITS'DEMO collaboration announced!

Japanese accessory and make-up brand ITS'DEMO will be collaborating with Kirby, introducing a large line of adorable Kirby prints for various accessories, stationery, and more! Our friends at Aitai☆Kuji have the entire collection available on their website to purchase right now!

The items include:

  • Candy and Cookie Jars

  • Kirby Shape Lollipop

  • Kirby Print Marshmallow Small and Large Pack

  • Kirby Shape Cookies Small and Large Pack

  • Kirby Flying Plush

  • Kirby Sitting with Donut Plush

  • Kirby Plush Keychain

  • Kirby Pink and Green Candy Pouches

  • Kirby and Waddle Dee Plush Candy Wrapper Keychain

  • Kirby Keychains

  • Kirby iPhone Flip Cases

  • Kirby iPhone Hard Cases

  • Kirby Multi-coloured Pens

  • Kirby Round Pouch

  • Kirby Pin Badge Set

  • Kirby Cork Board

  • Kirby Five Color Pen Set

  • Kirby Shape Paper Clips with Case

  • Kirby Train Pass Case

  • Kirby Heart Shape Compact Mirrors

  • Kirby Eco Bag

  • Kirby Small Case

  • Kirby Mini Towel

  • Kirby Cosmetic Pouch

  • Kirby Toothbrush Set

  • Kirby Handtowels

  • Kirby Facetowels

  • 6 Kirby Clear Files

  • Kirby SARASA Multi Color Pens

  • Kirby Notebooks

  • Kirby Washi Tape

  • Kirby Post-It Notes

  • Kirby Mini Notes Set

  • Kirby Ticket Holders

As you can tell, there are a lot of different items to choose from! You can purchase by clicking here, or clicking the image above!

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