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Kirby Café merchandise available for pre-order!

Our friends at Aitai☆Kuji were lucky enough to get their hands on some of the amazing new Kirby Cafe merchandise! It's all available on their site now to pre-order!

The items include:

  • Kirby Medium & Small Plush

  • Waddle Dee Small Plush

  • Mini Acrylic Stands

  • Hellolulu 2 Way Backpack - Yellow & Grey

  • Hellolulu Shoulder Bag - Yellow & Grey

  • Fabric Badges Collection

  • Candy Jars

  • Small & Large Silverware Fork and Spoon

  • Soup Ladle

  • Shopper Bags - Blue, Pink & Brown

  • Kirby Cafe T-Shirts - Text Design, Cup Design, Star Design

You can order the items here, or click on the image above!

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