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Bandai Namco x Kirby's Pupupu Diner campaign!

Exclusive to Namco arcades in Japan, Bandai Namco will be having these awesome themed Kirby Pupupu Diner merchandise available and they're super adorable! The event will be running from the 7th of December to the 14th of January, so if you're in Japan, make sure to check this event out! Also on the 7th of December, delicious Kirby themed ice cream will be available at the event and we definitely want to try some.

The merchandise includes:

A large plush

2 small Kirby plushies

1 small Waddle Dee plush

2 tumblers with different designs

Bowl, plate, fork and spoon set

We don't know if they'll be available for international purchasing, but check back here or check out our Twitter page for updates!

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