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64 Bits Creates Playable Kirby and the Forgotten Land NES-Styled Demake

Over time, we have seen plenty of Nintendo fans create demakes of modern games, and 64 Bits Animation is back to deliver yet another one of these wonderful retro experiences. If you have ever wondered what Kirby and the Forgotten Land would look like if it were made on Nintendo's first video game home console, your answer can be found in their newest video.

"Carby and the Forgotten Land" is a Nintendo Entertainment System-styled demake of Kirby and the Forgotten Land that turns the first level of World One: Natural Plains into an 8-bit demo heavily inspired by 1993's Kirby's Adventure. Unlike the group's other impressive demakes, which can all be found on YouTube, what makes this one special is that it can actually be played on mobile and PC devices! That's right, this is a game you can fully experience yourself right now for free online.

The short demo combines the gameplay of the classic arcade game City Connection with the Kirby franchise to create a stylistic and warm homage to the Forgotten Land's opening where players first take the wheel of Car Mouth Kirby (known to fans as Carby), listen to the game's main theme, and traverse an overgrown city. To see a complete walkthrough of the demake, have a look below!

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the ninth modern game to receive a demake from 64 Bits Animation. While 64 Bits still continues to publish videos on its YouTube channel, the group has been focused lately on creating an original title. Viewers can currently support this game by subscribing to the 64 Bits Patreon page.

Interested in playing the Kirby and the Forgotten Land demake by 64 Bits? While it may take you just a few minutes to beat, the entire Natural Plains level showcased in the video above is playable over on the website Newgrounds! You can click on the link right here to check it out yourself! To turn Carby, just use the arrow keys or WASD, boost with Z, and jump with X!

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