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Announcement: Kirby Informer's Warp Star Podcast Will Premiere This Year

It's been a long time since our initial tease, but after the last two years of long conversations and discussions, we are finally ready to make a special announcement. Kirby's Informer's Warp Star Podcast will premiere this year!

Hosted by Kirby Informer creator Eliza and myself, the podcast will delve into many different Kirby topics, from our favorite memories of the pink puff and game design philosophy to anime episode rankings and the Olive Ocean that is Kirby merchandise. The show will also have a "Nintendo Hour" that will allow each episode to delve into gaming topics far outside the reaches of Kirby's Milky Way (but, of course, all still in Nintendo's universe).

Have a look at the podcast's official artwork below!

Kirby Informer's Warp Star Podcast

Last week, we announced on our social platforms that the wonderful artist Soup had joined our team to work on a secret project. While we were not ready to make any announcements at the time, Soup had been working on finalizing the podcast logo for quite a while. Since then, he has also contributed to multiple new and upcoming Talking Point articles.

Thank you, Soup! We are incredibly thankful to have you on our team!

The Warp Star Podcast will be made available for free on YouTube and Spotify later this year. When the first episode is released, we will be sure to let you all know right here on our website and Kirby Informer's social channels. For YouTube, every episode will be made available on the existing Kirby Informer channel, so please feel free to subscribe in advance if you already have not! For Spotify, a dedicated feed will be made for the podcast once the first episode premieres.

We look forward to sharing more details with you all soon!



finally, a Kirby podcast

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I didn't think they would ever make something like that

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