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Bandai is Making Kirby and the Forgotten Land's Gachapon Into Real Figures

Bandai has announced a new set of gachapon coming to Japan based on the same capsule toy figures players can collect in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Starting this May, Kirby fans in Japan can look forward to visiting the Gotcha Machine Alley in real life by collecting four replicas of Gotcha Capsule toys at various local gachapon vending locations.

As can be seen above, the upcoming set of Kirby and the Forgotten Land gachapon from Bandai will include Kirby, Bandana Dee, Car Mouth Kirby, and Car Mouth Kirby Cake. Just like their Gotcha Capsule appearances in the Forgotten Land, these figures are direct recreations of the in-game models players can digitally collect. The figures even include star rarity numbers on the base!

Sadly, Bandai's gachapon machines will not be accepting any of the star coins you have collected as currency, but luckily these figures will be rather cheap, like the company's other capsule toys! Each gachapon capsule draw costs about ¥400 (roughly $3.00 when converted to USD). If we find pre-orders of these figures available online for import, we will be sure to update you all on where you can purchase them!

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SailorDeeFan#1[Alt Account]
SailorDeeFan#1[Alt Account]
10 de out. de 2023

Hooray! I've always wanted this to happen! But it's a shame that it's only in Japan, because us U.S. fans would like some of that to!

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