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GENDA GiGO Announces New Kirby Pupupu Picnic Campaign

This past week on March 17th, chain arcade GENDA GiGO announced the upcoming Kirby Pupupu Picnic campaign. Kirby Pupupu Picnic was originally released back in August of 2015, but GENDA GiGO's latest campaign will introduce new merchandise to the line based on both old and new artwork.

The campaign will run from March 24th to May 7th and will be available at GiGO stores across Japan as well as through the GiGO ONLINE CRANE game application. From big plushes and die-cut rugs to hand towels and blankets-in-bags, check out all the new Kirby Pupupu Picnic items below!

These original vinyl shoppers are randomly gifted after putting 500円 into one of the crane game machines!

The Kirby Pupupu Picnic BIG plushies come in two designs! They feature Waddle Dee dressed as a tanuki holding a four-leaf clover and Kirby holding an apple!

The Kirby Pupupu Picnic mascot plushies come in four designs! They feature Kirby holding a four-leaf clover, Kirby holding an apple, Waddle Dee dressed as a bunny holding a carrot, and Waddle Dee dressed as a tanuki holding a four-leaf clover.

Kirby Pupupu Picnic die-cut rugs come in two designs! They feature Waddle Dee dressed as a tanuki and Kirby holding an apple.

The Kirby Pupupu Picnic blankets-in-bags come in two designs! They feature Kirby's face as the front of the bag, with a four-leaf clover on the back of the bag. The blanket it comes with features various characters designed in the Kirby Pupupu Picnic style! There is also one that features Waddle Dee dressed as a tanuki, which has his cute tanuki tail on the back of the bag! The blanket it comes with features one of the most iconic Kirby Pupupu Picnic artworks.

These Kirby Pupupu Picnic hand towels come in six different designs! They feature some of the most iconic and well-known Kirby Pupupu Picnic artworks, which have been featured on a myriad of previous Kirby Pupupu Picnic merchandise!

I'm so happy to see the Kirby Pupupu Picnic merchandise line expand--I'm especially excited for the blankets-in-bags! Which one of these items is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below! And as always, as pre-orders are made available, we will be sure to update you all on Kirby Informer's Twitter!



Aw man... Japan gets all the goods :( what about the rest of the world?

Replying to

Oh wait... I saw one of the plushies in a store once at the mall. I guess USA got some of it too! :D


Brionna Knapp
Brionna Knapp
Apr 22, 2023

I hope there will be some way to obtain these items in the USA since I have a feeling the machines that give these out are in Japan only. By this I mean I hope the game application works on Android. I am slowing getting into enjoying games with other Nintendo characters and Kirby always interested me. Mainly because he's cute like Hello Kitty and her friends but has better video games.

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