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Good Smile Announces Kirby Pop Up Parade Figure, Releases This Year

Good Smile Company has announced that Kirby will be joining the Pop Up Parade figure lineup later this year.

Retailing for $31.99, the latest figure in the Pop Up Parade series elegantly captures Kirby riding on the Warp Star. Have a look at the figure below!

Pop Up Parade is Good Smile Company's series of affordable figures that were designed to be easy to collect. Each figure generally stands at around 17 to 18 centimeters in height. In the past, other video game characters have joined the Pop Up Parade series, including familiar faces from Street Fighter, Hades, and Bravely Default.

In Japan, the Kirby Pop Up Parade figure will be released in June 2024. Meanwhile, the figure is scheduled to be released during Q4 2024 in the United States.

You can pre-order the Kirby Pop Up Parade figure right now from Good Smile's official store page. Pre-orders will be open until February 29th. The figure is also currently available for pre-order at Hobby Genki.

When more Kirby and Good Smile news makes the rounds, we will be sure to share any new information with you all.

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1 Comment

My daughter really likes this character. dinosaur game

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