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Good Smile Has Announced Kirby Café Nendoroids, Prototype Photos Showcased

Today at Wonder Festival 2024 Winter, Good Smile Company announced new Kirby products, including two Kirby Café Nendoroid figures, at the Wonderful Hobby Life for You 38 [WonHobby38] booth.

As can be seen in the images below, Good Smile showcased photos for prototypes of Kirby Café Kirby and Kirby Café Waddle Dee. Check them out below!

As noted in the photographs, these prototypes are subject to change and awaiting approval from the licensor. No accessories, release date, or price was revealed with these prototypes. All we know from Good Smile's announcement at WonHobby38 is that the figures will be released separately (as to be expected with Nendoroids).

While we predicted Magolor possibly getting a Nendoroid this year, who would have guessed the Kirby Café would be getting official merchandise from Good Smile? Either way, everyone here at Kirby Informer is thrilled about this announcement! For fans deep into Kirby appearances across all video games, Good Smile also excitingly announced at WonHobby38 that Don-Chan from the Taiko no Tatsujin series will be joining the Nendoroid lineup. The figure will come with a taiko drum base and drumstick accessories. Have a look below!

Kirby cafe nendoroid figure nintendo hal good smile company taiko no tatsujin don-chan

When more Kirby Nendoroid news makes the rounds, we will be sure to share the details with you all!

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Ryan Katelyn
Ryan Katelyn
7 days ago

ooh so cuteeeee connections game

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