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Ichiban Kuji's "Everyday Kirby" collection!

Ichiban Kuji has released a new kuji game with the theme "Everyday Kirby!". There are multiple different items to be won, or you can buy them separately if you'd like to do that also. The items are set to be released on June 30th, 2020. You can order these items at our friends' site, AitaiKuji, right now.

The prizes include:

  • Large Kirby plush

  • Kirby and Waddle Dee speakers

  • Kirby backpack

  • Kirby floormat

  • Kirby and Waddle Dee plushes

  • Kirby, Waddle Dee and various prints glasses/cups

  • Various print face towels

  • Kirby keychains

1 comment

1 Comment

Jun 26, 2020

Oh so adorable

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