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Ichiban Kuji to release Kirby's 30th Anniversary collection!

Ichiban Kuji is releasing another collection this year, this time its theme is celebrating Kirby's 30th Anniversary as a whole! This collection was supposed to be released on the 26th of April but has been since pushed back until further notice due to production difficulties.

The items in the collection have been revealed though, with a rough translation of course, and they are:

  • A Prize: Clear Dance! Alarm clock

  • B Prize: Twinkle☆Anniversary Plush Toy

  • C Prize: with Harukaze☆Mascot

  • D Prize: ☆Glass Collection

  • E Prize: Commemorative Design Towel - The Beginning of Adventure -

  • F Prize: Key Motif Charm ~I will never forget this memory~

  • Last One Award: the best friends forever. Perpetual calendar

  • Double Chance Campaign: Clear Dance! Alarm clock

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