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Ichiban Kuji to release new Kirby Café collection!

To celebrate Kirby’s 30th Anniversary, Ichiban Kuji is releasing an amazing collection that features items that have the Kirby Café designs. The collection is said to be released in late July, and we will update our website and Twitter account when links will be available to purchase the items. But first, let’s talk about those said items. Only a few have been shown, but, a list has been revealed, which is a rough translation, and here it is:

  • A prize Kirby Café multi-stand figure

  • B Prize: The best hot sandwich maker

  • C Prize: Kirby "Ho!" And Cafe au Re Stuffed Animal

  • D Prize: Exciting Marshmallow Mascot

  • E Prize: Delicious Menu Figure Charm

  • F Prize: Stylish Tableware Collection

  • G Prize: Nice Kitchen Towel Collection

  • Last One Award: Fluffy Warpster Pancake Cushion

  • Double Chance Campaign: Kirby Café Multi-Stand Figure



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