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Ichiban Kuji x Kirby Café coming 30th July 2022!

Ichiban Kuji is releasing a new collection which celebrates Kirby Café! So many of these items are unique, adorable and are just an absolute need for any die-hard Kirby fan. The prizes are set to be released on the 30th of July, so we'll update this post and post on our Twitter and Instagram when fans are able to purchase tickets to win the prizes at random or purchase the items directly from a website that sells them!

The list of the items:

  • Prize A: Kirby and Waddle Dee statue

  • Prize B: Hot Sandwich Maker with Kirby Café designs

  • Prize C: Kirby Café large plush

  • Prize D: Kirby and Waddle Dee plush keychains

  • Prize E: Kirby Café charms

  • Prize F: Kirby Café kitchenware in different designs

  • Prize G: Towel Collection

  • Last Prize: Kirby on Star-shaped Pancake large plush

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1 Comment

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