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Is HAL Teasing a Kirby and the Forgotten Land Sound Selection Release?

Today, Kirby and the Forgotten Land is celebrating its second anniversary across the globe. While fans have been posting tons of fantastic artwork all day and are discussing their favorite elements of the game, HAL Laboratory published a mysterious message on Kirby's official social media pages teasing a future announcement. Have a look for yourself below!

Using Kirby and the Forgotten Land's language (thanks ObscureKirby for the handy translation guide!), the message clearly says "SOUNDSE" when written in English. For this reason, we believe that HAL could be teasing a potential Kirby and the Forgotten Land sound selection release with this post.

For extra context, in the past, HAL Laboratory has referred to Kirby soundtrackssuch as Triple Deluxe's releaseas "Sound Selections." This is a common practice among many companies, including fellow Nintendo second-party The Pokémon Company.

What do you all think this message might mean? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and on Kirby Informer's social pages! When HAL Laboratory makes any official announcement, as always, we will keep you all updated.



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