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Iterview With Shinya Kumazaki On His Approach To Making Kirby Games

Kotaku recently had the opportunity to chat with Shinya Kumazaki, and among the discussions was an interview about Kirby Star Allies' post-launch downloadable content. This time, he was asked about his approach to making Kirby games and directing the series for the past decade. We'll summarize some interesting points from the interview here, but please check it out in full over on Kotaku!

  • Recent major titles start out as small ideas and experiments.

  • While Kumazaki isn't as involved in the minor titles and spin-offs, he greatly appreciates their role in the series.

  • Major titles leave the door open to minor titles, which then build up anticipation towards the new major titles.

  • Kumazaki notes that the various mingames found in the series could be seen as a "training ground" for newer designers. Smaller games like these help newer designers at HAL to take active part in games that aren't part of big developments.

  • Kumazaki describes Kirby games as "approachable yet deep"; being approachable to anybody to play with difficult elements being added after the game develops is what makes the Kirby series unique.

  • The teams at HAL are by no means burnt out of ideas, Kumazaki says, and there's a lot of things he wants to try.



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