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Japan Post x Kirby Goods Collection 2022 collaboration!

Japan Post is having a collaboration with Nintendo/HAL to bring Kirby fans some adorable Kirby-themed items which any fan would love to have. At the moment, the items seem to be Japan exclusive but if anything changes such as being able to get them from another source, I'll update this link and post it on our Twitter so everyone else can get them. You can also check out the official site for all of the items by clicking here.

UPDATE: To purchase any one of these items internationally, all you have to do is go click on the link above and click on any of the items you want with the star next to the item, and it'll take you to a shopping site. Scroll down a little, and you'll see "Click here for overseas shipping", and it'll take you to the Buyee website and you can go from there.

The items from the collection include:

  • Two stamp sets that feature Kirby's game history throughout the years

  • A large Kirby cushion

  • A small Kirby mascot plush

  • A Kirby piggybank

  • A Kirby seal stamp

  • A Kirby seal stamp holder

  • A Kirby cup and ball game



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