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Japanese company Shimamura releases new Kirby 30th Anniversary items!

Japanese company Shimamura has released new items to celebrate Kirby's 30th Anniversary! The items range from smartphone holders, socks, hair bands, hair caps, waist cushions, seat cushions, cushions, tote bags, men's boxer briefs, toilet mats, kitchen mats, room mats, hats and caps, shower slippers, and face towels.

These items are set to be released in July/August of this year and are only available in Japan at the moment, but as soon as an international option is available, I will update this post and post a link on our Twitter for you guys so you're able to get these adorable items.

Down below are the photos of the items but you can view them on the Shimamura site by clicking here.

1 comment

1 Comment

Jun 09, 2022

Those socks actually look amazing!

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