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Japanese Retailer AEON Gets Exclusive "Shadow Kirby" Black Friday Merchandise

It seems that HAL Laboratory may be taking the Black Friday name a bit too seriously this year as an upcoming Kirby collaboration will see the pink puff change his color scheme for the infamous holiday sales event. Japanese retailer AEON will be selling an exclusive lineup of "Shadow Kirby" merchandise starting the weekend before Thanksgiving.

As to be expected by the name, Kirby's traditional pink color has been swapped out for a dark grey tone -- even when he is missing his bright signature palette he still looks great! While many of the goods in the collection just contain the alternate color scheme slapped onto familiar Kirby merchandise from overseas, there is a clear file and hand towel with original Shadow Kirby artwork. Take a look at all the products coming to AEON's physical and digital fronts on November 19th below!

While there is no international shipping for any of AEON's products, Japanese customers will be limited to purchasing only one of each item when reservations launch. For more information on Shadow Kirby merchandise, you can visit AEON's official store page.

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12. Nov. 2021

Damn these look cool, I wonder if we will see Shadow Kirby in any upcoming games

Gefällt mir
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