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King Dedede and Masked Dedede statues from First 4 Figures available for pre-order now!

Over the last week or so, First 4 Figures has been teasing Kirby fans with photos of the amazing King Dedede and Masked Dedede PVC/resin statue and we are happy to announce that it's finally available for pre-order on their website now! There are a few versions of the statues available to pre-order, including the Standard King Dedede, Exclusive King Dedede (comes with coin), Standard Masked Dedede, Exclusive Masked Dedede (comes with coin), and an Exclusive King Dedede and Masked Dedede Combo Pack (both come with coins). The statues are set to be released in Q3 2023,

The price of the statues (including the early bird special and in USD):

  • King Dedede Standard - $467.49

  • King Dedede Exclusive - $472.99

  • Masked Dedede Standard - $467.49

  • Masked Dedede Exclusive - $472.99

  • King Dedede & Masked Dedede Exclusive Combo Pack - $901.99

First 4 Figures offer payment plans, so if you're unable to pay for the statutes up front, you have that option also.

If you need any help with ordering, please don't hesitate to ask us on our Twitter account via DM and we'll gladly assist you!

King Dedede statue

Masked Dedede statue

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01 de out. de 2022

I'm so exicted.

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