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Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival Gets Official Merchandise in Japan

In anticipation of the upcoming Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival taking place this August, HAL Laboratory is partnering up with ValueMall in Japan to release a few select pieces of merchandise themed around the event. Starting today and ending April 17th, Japanese customers of ValueMall will be able to place orders online for individual wristbands, lights, keychains, bags, shirts, and more!

In addition to the various items seen above, ValueMall will be packaging Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival orders in special boxes featuring artwork from the concert's promotional material.

All of ValueMall's orders are expected to ship within the first seven days of August--right on time for Kirby fans who also purchased tickets to see the event live at the Tokyo Garden Theater! To see all of ValueMall's products, you can check out their official event store page. When more news regarding the Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival is released, we will be sure to keep you all up to date.



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