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Kirby and The Goal Door PVC statue from First4Figures!

You can now pre-order the Kirby and The Goal Door PVC statue (Exclusive Edition) from First4Figures! The Exclusive Edition of this statue features touch sensors that can trigger motion and music! Touching the blue flower on the right-hand side of the base will activate the twirl that Kirby does just before he strikes a pose, while the orange flower just below that will activate the song that plays after finishing a Goal Game.

The Early Bird pre-order period is between the 27th of April to the 12th of May 2021, so you have a little while to be order this adorable statue!

The statue at the moment is $109.99USD. There are payment plans for this PVC statue as well if you're unable to pay for it all at once, so I'd highly recommend going for that route!

~ You can pre-order the statue here! ~

Here are some photos of the statue in HD adorable-ness.



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