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Kirby and Waddle Dee Burgers Added to Kirby Café Takeout Menu

Starting today [October 8th in Japan], two new additions will be added to the Kirby Café's official takeout menu. The Kirby Burger, a standard beef burger with cheese and tomato, and the Waddle Dee Burger, a soy-based burger with an avocado topping, can now be ordered at both the Tokyo and Hakata locations without reservations. The burger sets come included with a souvenir lunch box stuffed with star-shaped potatoes.

Each meal comes in at about $20 when converted to USD. In the past, the Kirby Café has offered takeout options in the form of various drinks and picnic sets during the cherry blossom season. If you happen to be in Japan and pick up one of these delicious-looking burger sets, be sure to share a photo with us all!



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