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Kirby Café Celebrates the Pink Puff's 32nd Birthday With Special Latte Art

If you are in Japan this month, you can celebrate Kirby's 32nd birthday at the Kirby Café with a special latte art. Check it out below!

kirby café special birthday 32nd latte art

Topped on select drinks, this celebratory art depicts Chef Kirby holding a spoon and fork upwards as he sits behind a birthday cake.

Readers staying up to date on the latest Kirby Café menu items though will be quick to notice that this is no ordinary birthday cake. The cake featured in the latte art is the same “Happy Birthday ☆ Kirby” dessert that is currently available at the Café until July 2!

Like that aforementioned cake, the Kirby Café's Happy Birthday! Kirby 32nd latte art will only be available until July 2. Customers have the option to purchase a souvenir mug with their latte art (the same mug pictured above).

If you do get to taste this art for yourself, cherish its special work before you consume it... although the same can be said for the rest of the Kirby Café's menu.



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