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Kirby Café Will Celebrate Kirby's Birthday With a New Dessert and Art Next Month

With April almost here, the Kirby series will soon celebrate its 32nd anniversary. While Kirby's birthday is still a little ways ahead, the Kirby Café has already announced some of its celebratory plans for the pink puff's big day.

From Monday, April 1 to Tuesday, July 2, the Kirby Café in Japan will be selling a special dessert to commemorate Kirby’s birthday. The “Happy Birthday ☆ Kirby” cake contains some of our hero's favorite fruits, a star cookie, and several colorful creams—it really looks like something that would have been featured in Kirby's Dream Buffet. Check out the new menu item below!

According to the Kirby Café website, a limited-edition art collection will also be available at the same time as the new dessert. While we do not have any details of what this art looks like or contains, we will be sure to share more details once we learn this information.

We can't wait to celebrate Kirby's 32nd with you all!



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