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Kirby Mystic Perfume collection!

A brand new Kirby merchandise collection was just announced and a lot of fans have been freaking out over what the items include. Well, we can tell you now, there are quite a lot of different things in this collection and we think you'll love them just as much as we do. We also would like to point out that we're not 100% sure about the translation on some of these items so please bear with us. Once we get the correct translation, we'll fix them up straight away. We also don't have some of the pictures for these items, so we're not technically sure what they are, so we're just going by the translated name, so they'll have a ??? beside them until we know exactly what they are! You can also check out the pictures below to see the collection! This collection will be released in late April, so we'll update more about it when it gets closer to then as well!

The items include:

  • Satin Pouch

  • Big Acrylic Keychain

  • Metal Charm Collection

  • Acrylic Stands

  • Smartphone Case

  • Double Mirrors

  • Handkerchiefs

  • Mini Tote Bag

  • Drawstring Purse

  • Pen Pouch

  • Mini Message Card Set

  • Lip-type Ballpoint Pen

  • Nail Polish Fluorescent Marker

  • Ring Note (???)

  • Stickers

  • Clear File

  • Glass Magnets

  • Square Badges

  • Accessory Stands

  • Accessory Cases

  • Glass Earrings

  • Stained Glass Keychains

  • Glitter Badges

  • Faux Leather Card Cases

  • Faux Leather Key Cases

  • Faux Leather Flat Pouches

  • Microfibre Towels



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