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Kirby Paldolce Vol. 4 Figures Available For Pre-Order From Multiple Retailers

Serving up a delish comeback, Kirby Paldolce Vol. 4 is on the way to store shelves next month! For those unaware of their existence, the Kirby Paldolce collection is a variety of figures from Banpresto featuring Kirby with various food dishes. Each figure calls back to the franchise's characters, stories, and collectibles with distinct toppings and designs you would expect to find at something akin to the Kirby Café.

While the latest volume of figures was unveiled quite a while ago, multiple retailers worldwide have since added the upcoming three collectibles to their catalogs. GameStop, Tokyo Otaku Mode, BigBadToyStore, Entertainment Earth, and several other retailers currently have each Kirby Paldolce Vol. 4 figure listed for $15.99 a pop.

For those looking to collect these figures, be sure to check in on each retailer and nab your Paldolce pre-orders while they are available! Kirby Paldolce Vol. 4 will officially release on February 28th.



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