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Kirby's Return to Dream Land Is Getting a Novelization in Japan

Yes, you read that right. Kirby's Return to Dream Land is making a comeback in Japan soon... as a full-blown novel? In a new post published by Japanese magazine Famitsu, who has notably worked with HAL Laboratory and Masahiro Sakurai for years, the publication reported that Kirby's mainline Wii adventure from 2011 will be heading physically to the hands of fans this April in paperback form.

The Kirby's Return to Dream Land novelization is written by longtime Kirby writers Mie Takase and Tau Potato. According to Famitsu, the novel will follow the plot of the original game and include some form of commentary from director Shinya Kumazaki. Below, viewers can also check out the newly illustrated cover art of the novel by Tau Chino Pot.

The novelization of Kirby's Return to Dream Land will release on April 27th exclusively in Japan for ¥1,200. If we discover any significant Kirby news from the novel in the future we will be to let you all know! Let's all hope Magolor gets even more lore!

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