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New Kirby Pop-up Opens At Hiroshima Parco Mall

A new temporary Kirby pop-up store has arrived at Hiroshima's Parco Mall in Japan. The seasonal inspired spot will remain opened until Monday, November 8th and contains various Kirby products including stationary, plushies, shirts, and key-chains.

While there is no new merchandise to highlight from this store, the pop-up has debuted exclusive original artwork of Kirby and Waddle Dee with various fruits. Have a look below at the official Hiroshima Parco Mall's Twitter account that is showcasing both the art and store!

In the past, Kirby has appeared at multiple Parco mall locations for various occasions including game releases, anniversaries, and collaborations.

It is unknown whether or not the pop-up store will have brand new Kirby merchandise revolving around its artwork, however, the store page has noted that customers who make a purchase of over ¥2200 (tax included) will receive the following limited edition postcard while supplies last.



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