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Nintendo Reiterates That it is Working With HAL on “Variety" of Kirby Projects for 30th Anniversary

Today, Nintendo released their latest financial earnings report, and with it came some Kirby information to share. While no major Kirby news slipped through the cracks of their footnotes, Nintendo did take a section to reiterate their current collaboration with HAL Laboratory to produce a “variety of projects" for the pink puff's 30th Anniversary.

While the statement above does not confirm that Nintendo will be working with HAL Laboratory on specifically a variety of games, it is important to note that a majority of the developer’s Kirby projects have been handled without Nintendo’s assistance. While Nintendo may be involved in creating Kirby games, the big N does not control all of HAL Laboratory’s merchandising endeavors and even game development.

For all we know though, a "variety of projects" could mean just bringing merchandise to multiple territories or producing Nintendo Switch accessories that will coincide with the release of The Forgotten Land this March! When more Kirby 30th anniversary news makes the rounds we will be sure to let you all know here on our website and on our social media pages!

A big thank you to @Stealth40k on Twitter for taking note of the information in Nintendo’s financial release!



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