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Official Kirby Wireless Earbud Case Available at BoxLunch

Have you ever wanted a wireless earbud case shaped like the super tuff pink puff? For a limited time, retailer BoxLunch will be able to satisfy your dreams with an officially licensed Kirby wireless earbud case from Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

The case designed to look like Kirby's inhaling pose comes included with an attached Maximum Tomato charm and lobster clasp keychain.

According to BoxLunch's description for the product, the Kirby case is compatible with 1st and 2nd Generation AirPods along with wireless earbud cases of a similar shape. The Kirby wireless earbud case retails for $16.90 and is now available for order. Customers who also purchase the item now can receive a 20% discount (making the product $13.52 without tax).

If you plan on picking up the product, we advise you do so as soon as you can since BoxLunch exclusives tend to disappear rather quickly!



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