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Pre-Order Guide: Kirby Fluffy Puffy Mine Play in the Flowers Figures

Banpresto's latest set of Kirby Fluffy Puffy Mine figures will be slowly rolling out over the course of the next two months. The Play in the Flowers series releases as early as mid-February for some online stores, and pre-orders have already been made available.

To ensure you do not miss out on purchasing Kirby and Waddle Dee's latest adorable and flocky PVC figures, we've put together a handy guide to help you secure all three Fluffy Puffy Mine Play in the Flowers figures throughout this February and March.

When more stores open up pre-orders for these figures, we will be sure to update our list with the latest sellers, prices, and shipping details! For now, these are the current online shops that have pre-orders available for the whole Fluffy Puffy Mine Play in the Flowers set!

Worldwide Shipping

Aitai Kuji (February 2023)

Price: ¥2,000 each (Approx. $15.27 USD), shipping varies

Otaku House (February 2023)

Price: $15.41 USD each, shipping varies

Meccha Japan (February 28th)

Price: ¥1,100 each (Approx. $8.39 USD), shipping varies

Limited Shipping

Entertainment Earth (March 2023)

Price: $24.99 USD each (shipping upwards of $8.64 USD)

Big Bad Toy Store (March 2023)

Price: $24.99 USD each ($4 USD flat shipping fee)

***** Have any suggestions on how we can improve our pre-order guides? Don't be afraid to leave a comment below giving us feedback!



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