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Re-Ment Releasing "Kirby Afternoon Tea" Figure Set Next Year

It's been a while since Re-Ment announced a new lineup of Kirby figures, but another collection is finally on the way and hitting overseas shelves next year. The "Kirby Afternoon Tea" set will be released in Japan this February 21st, 2022. The upcoming blind boxes are certainly cute, but quite unlike anything Re-Ment has released before in regards to Kirby merchandise.

Featuring only Kirby and Waddle Dee in the spotlight, Re-Ment's new figure lineup is a smaller collection of items intended to be displayed as one big diorama. The majority of the blind boxes actually feature only small items for the food cart and table Kirby is sitting next to. Gordo, King Dedede's hat, the Fountain of Dreams, and Meta Knight are all featured as table desserts while Whispy Woods takes on the form of a flower pot.

All 8 figure types will retail for ¥880 each (tax included). Have a look at the full set below!



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