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SuperGroupies x Kirby collaboration review

In a previous post a few months ago, we shared that the Japanese company SuperGroupies were doing a collaboration featuring some absolutely stunning Kirby items. Kirby Informer was lucky to get their hands on the stunningly beautiful watch and beautifully crafted backpack, and I'm here to review those items for you today.

Spring Breeze watch:

This gorgeous watch, which is way too beautiful to be used in my opinion, features an adorable artwork of Whispy Woods around the face of the watch, and in the middle, an apple being the minute hand and Kirby being the second hand. Around the edge of the watch, it looks like it sits in a wood casing and it gives such a beautiful detail to the overall setting and ensemble. Another cute little detail on the watch is on the back, featuring three Kirby's in the victory-dance pose.

Milky Way Wishes backpack:

Now onto this gorgeous backpack. This backup has so many stunning, tiny details that I'm not sure I am able to put them all into words, so I'm going to try my best. The bag was a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be, and that's a good thing. It seems like it could hold a lot, and it was able to hold my laptop, purse, water bottle, sunglasses, and more personal items in there with ease. The backpack comes with two compartments, one in the front and one in the back so you're able to separate your items, and a bottle holder on the side too. The padding on the back is also super, super comfortable, so you should be able to walk around for a few hours with this on your back if you wanted to with no problems at all.

Now onto those little details that I mentioned early that make this bag so interesting. The zip is Kirby on a Warp Star. Talk about cute as heck. The entwined laces are supposed to reflect the Warp Star’s path through the galaxy, and hanging on the end of the laces at the top of the bag are little charms are the Sun and Moon. Inside the backpack are covered in patterns featuring two different designs in the two compartments of the bag. In the first compartment, it's Kirby gathering power from so many different planets, and in the second one, it's the main fight scene between Marx and Kirby which also features so many little references and Easter Eggs that I will leave out for you guys to enjoy if you ever decide to purchase it.

Overall, both of these items are 100% worth the price and have been made with so much love and appreciation for Kirby fans around the world. Super Groupies have done such an amazing job with the Watch and the Backpack, and I know for a fact they would have done an amazing job on the other items in the collection as well.

If you're interested in purchasing any of these items, you can buy them directly from the SuperGroupies website by clicking here. They do ship overseas, all you have to do is click the "Global Shipping" icon on the side of your screen, and you should be able to work it out from there. If you have any issues with purchasing the items, please do not hesitate to message us on Twitter, or send us a DM over at @KirbyInformer and I'll do my best to assist you.

If you'd like to follow Super Groupies on Twitter, you can follow them at @SuperGroupiesEN.

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1 Comment

Nov 12, 2021

that backpack is my dream come true I wish I could have it

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