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The 8-Bit Big Band Wins Grammy for Kirby Superstar Arrangement of "Meta Knight's Revenge"

Last November, we reported that a Kirby Superstar cover had been nominated for a 2022 Grammy Award at the academy's 64th annual showing. After months of anticipation, the arrangement of Meta Knight's Revenge by The 8-Bit Big Band (featuring Button Masher and arranged by Charlie Rosen & Jake Silverman) managed to turn its nomination into a complete victory during today's award show. The 8-Bit Big Band won in the "best arrangement, instrumental, or acapella" category against its four competitors!

Who would have thought the pink puff would get to be called a (un)official Grammy award winner during the same year as his 30th anniversary! Congratulations to the 8-Bit Big Band on the big victory and everyone involved in creating the arrangement!

Video game music is not typically nominated for a Grammy award--in fact, the last time a piece of music from a video game won was 2011's Civilization IV. Let's hope that perhaps next year the 8-Bit Big Band can return for another victory with Charlie Rosen and Jake Silverman again!

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