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The Kirby Colorful Store is Finally Getting a Mascot Plush

Announced by HAL Laboratory on Japan's official Kirby website, the Kirby Colorful Store is finally getting its first mascot plush this year. Check it out below!

kirby colorful store mascot plush

While Kirby and the red balloons have been featured in several pieces of merchandise before, this is the first time the store's main artwork has been made available as a plush.

Previously, the Kirby Colorful Store did sell three exclusive plushes, but none of them depicted the shop's mascot. Like the Cone Mouth Kirby and standard Kirby plushes sold at the Colorful Store, the new mascot plush will have the same patterned feet.

Last year, the Kirby Colorful Store opened on April 24, at Ecute Omiya in Ōmiya-ku, Saitama, Japan. When the store opened, 40 different Kirby products were made available to celebrate the launch.

The Kirby Colorful Store mascot plush will be released on April 15. The upcoming plush will cost 1,800円 and is made by the company Zowie. As always, when links to this plush are made available, we will be sure to share them with you all on our social pages.



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