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Kirby Informer's Expansion Project: Details, Job Opportunities, & More

Hi there Kirby Informer readers,

Marc Kaliroff here. You probably know me for running things over on our social media channels, but I do also post here occasionally! Before I get to our big news, I wanted to take a moment of your time to say one thing.

Thank you.

Thank you for all the support you have shown for Kirby Informer this past year! During 2022, we saw an incredible spike in growth and began creating strong partnerships with other creators as we aimed to achieve one goal: make Kirby Informer into a new hub for all things Kirby within our fandom.

After months of preparation and discussions, we are ready to take that sentiment a massive leap further to build something even greater.

Today, we are happy to announce that Kirby Informer is officially expanding. This 2023, we are looking to transform our website and social channels into a long-desired vision we have yearned to create, a full-blown location for Kirby news, discussions, merchandise, fanart, and so much more.

Some of you may have noticed that over the last year, we have been making a lot of changes to our website, and a few new faces have joined our social media team (Aurora and Dani). While our website's renovations are still not complete, the progress is evident. We have a wonderful new logo (thank you Seth!), categories for identifying content, and new pages within our history section that are being continually updated. To be clear with our audience, we want to publicly list our goals for 2023. Listed below is everything we are going to attempt to complete before the end of this year:

  1. Publish all Kirby news on not only our social pages but also on our website.

  2. Broaden our History section to include more information regarding all Kirby titles, including trivia, guides, copy ability bios, and more.

  3. Kickstart new written columns Kirby fans can engage with every week for fun.

  4. Expand our TikTok with weekly videos and publish daily on Instagram.

  5. Officially launch the Kirby Informer podcast, Warpstar, featuring special guests you recognize and love from the Kirby community.

While that may all sound like a lot to handle... well, it is! That is exactly why we are officially opening our Fountain of Dreams to you all.

Join Our Team!

Make Kirby Content and Friends: Remote Volunteer Job Opportunities

Yes, you read that right, Kirby Informer is looking to hire remote volunteers for a whole bunch of different roles! Before you apply though, allow us to provide you with everything you likely want to know by answering some straightforward questions.

Does Kirby Informer pay?

Joining the Kirby Informer team is not a paid job--or at least as of right now. We currently have no source of revenue, but we are looking to change that in the future! Every giveaway and month the website is active has been paid for by Eliza and myself. We created Kirby Informer out of pure passion. While Eliza and I do put many hours into Kirby Informer along with the rest of our crew, this is not a full-time job you would be applying to. While we cannot pay for work at the moment, we do promise to compensate our staff once we find a stable source of revenue that can help future-proof Kirby Informer for years to come.

One of our goals behind the scenes is to implement ads onto our website and future podcast, however, we would like to do so in a matter that is not disruptive for our audience--in other words, no massive advertising banners and pop-ups that will interfere with what you are reading or three minute long ads when you click on a video. As everyday readers, we understand wanting to create a seamless experience on our website and we are going to try our best to make that happen.

On a side note, the Kirby Informer team are all friends and we love sending each other Kirby gifts throughout the year! If you are on our team, you are bound to receive stuff in the future!

What will I be able to get out of working with Kirby Informer? This experience with Kirby Informer will offer you an outlet to make friends with other passionate Kirby fans, and learn more about the intricacies of posting on social media, statistics, how search engine optimization [SEO] works, brand partnerships, public relations, outreach, video creation, and so much more. If we can't offer you a salary at the moment, we want to at least give you an education that will help advance your career--like every great opportunity involving work should, we want to help teach you valuable skill sets.

Whether you are wanting to have fun writing and creating content with some fellow Kirby enthusiasts, looking to learn more about the games journalism/publishing industry, or finding some work to put on your resumé, we promise that this is a worthwhile opportunity for all that are interested.

Additionally, I would like to add that for applicants who are college students, depending on circumstances involving your university's rules regarding internships, we can help you file this opportunity for credit. If you are interested in working with Kirby Informer for this reason, please be sure to include this detail in your application.

How Often Would I be Working?

There is no set schedule or amount of hours you have to work! We are not requiring any of our volunteers to post a specific number of articles or work a specific number of hours every week. Once again, this job is for fans who are passionate about Kirby! Whether you are determined to write 20 news pieces within a single month or just a mere five, we welcome you to apply!

What jobs are you looking to fill? How can I apply?

These are the jobs we are currently looking to fill behind the scenes:

  • News Writer

  • Features Writer

  • Columnist

  • Archivist

  • Graphic Designer

For those interested in applying for one of these five roles, we ask that you please send us a description about yourself, your connection to the Kirby franchise, your social media pages, and any relevant writing/art samples--you do not have to be so formal when applying, but please do not act too casual as this is an application! If you have a traditional resumé already and would like to just send it in with a paragraph or two, please do! We want to get to know you from this process.

To apply to Kirby Informer, please send your application and the requested information listed above to the following email address: Due to the number of application requests, we ask that you please give us time to respond to your applications. We will try to reach you as soon as possible, but we cannot guarantee an exact time frame. We can promise though that we will be going through a few applications every day!

Thank you for your continual support, and we hope to hear from you all soon!

Stay safe and healthy,

Marc Kaliroff

Editor and Social Media Director of Kirby Informer



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